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Kampf LSF Maschine
Length cutting units
Nutzenschneidmaschine für schweres Kunstleder Nutzenschneidmaschine für Transportbänder Längsschneideeinrichtung
  • Length cutter for heavy synthetic leather, up to 3 mm thick
  • Slitting unit with driven top and bottom knife shaft
  • Rewinding with friction shafts
  • Length cutter for offset printing blanket
  • Edge guide control with optical line sensor
  • Longitudinal cutter with pneumatic upper knife holders and grooved knife bushings as counter blades
Longitudinal and cross cutters
Vorzugswerk mit Randbeschnitt- und Querschneideeinrichtung
  • Slitting unit with edge trim and cross cutter
  • Pneumatic upper knife holders with driven counter knife shaft
We are happy to send you additional designs for longitudinal and cross cutters on request.