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Kampf LSF Maschine
Rewinder with central drive
  • Single rewinder or rewinder with several rewinding positions as two-, four- and six-position rewinder
Turret rewinder
  • Turret rewinder with automatic cutting unit and automatic feeding unit with and without the preparation of cores
Edge trim rewinder
  • Edge trim rewinder arranged according to edge trim units for the rewinding of the edge strips
Auf- und Abwickler Automatischer Wendewickler für Folien Automatischer Wendewickler für Folien
Double position rewinding with pull-nip unit and cross cutter. Separate rewinding shafts for the rewinding of two batches. Automatic turret rewinder for films Flying splice unwinder for décor paper
Automatischer Wendewickler für Folien
Multi-position rewinder with web accumulator
  • 4 rewinding positions
  • Web accumulator in combing design
  • Longitudinal cutter
  • 2 pull-nip units with cross cutter
  • Electrical rewinding drive
  • 4 large coil winding trolleys
We are happy to send you additional designs for winders on request.